European Snowsport's New Learn-To-Ski course

Welcome to the learn to ski mini-site from European Snowsport

Skiing is awesome but many people tried it and didn't like it, indeed skier numbers across the world are in decline! Ski Resorts have abandonned the beginner. 

We think the beginner skier is the most important person on the mountain for the future of our sport and communities. 

So we had an idea; The first ultra high quality learn-to-ski programme that turns those who can't ski and those who tried it, but didn't like it, into skiers who really love skiing. 

We take a careful and unique 21 stage, step-by-step approach. Available either in a small group of like minded people or privately with your own instructor.

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The Course

Above all the goal is to get you sking and having fun. Skiing is fun and safe if you learn in the right way. Whether you choose to do this course in a small group or privately, you'll go at your own pace. We ski for four hours a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.  

Our 21 step programme takes any beginner from complete novice to a skier who can handle gentle slopes comfortably. Each step must be completed and achieved with confidence before moving on to the next. So no pressure to progress at anyone's pace but your own. 

Groups are limited to six skiers per instructor, and you can expect to move from one group to the next as you progress through the steps. All the skiers and instructors have lunch together. 

As you move through the programme, your confidence will grow and you will start to really enjoy your time on the snow. 

Where: High resorts get better snow, are more fun for skiing family members and have the most perfect beginner terrain. So we teach beginners in Verbier ( 1600 m) and Zermatt (1700m). These resorts offer quality snow, accommodation, restaurants and even shopping.

When: Our Learn to Ski Courses happens in the quiet weeks between New-Year and Half-Term and again after Half-Term. No queues, quiet slopes, cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation, and great snow. Perfect!

Who: We have hand-picked those instructors in our team who love teaching beginners. They are thrilled to see you progress and take things nice and slow. 

Why: Because skiing is amazing and we want you to love it too. If your family or friends ski, why shouldn't you? If you have never skied before, getting a great start can make all the difference, and turn you into the skier you want to be!


  • 2 x 2 hrs a day for five days, Monday to Friday.
  • one-on-one or in a small group.
  • ES 21 step program designed to give you skills and confidence


  • Groups: 700 CHF pp Private: 2000 CHF 
  • Includes: Tuition


Learn To Ski Groups run on the following dates. This course is available privately at any point in the season, however the weeks below are excellent as the slopes are quiet and conditions usually great for beginners. 


  • 13th January 2020
  • 20th January 2020
  • 27th January 2020
  • 3rd Febuary
  • 10th Febuary
  • 2nd March 2020
  • 9th March
  • 16th March


Verbier is a friendly and open resort with an international community where you will quickly feel at home. Under 1.5 hours by car from France and Italy, and well located for Geneva airport, it's a great place to base yourself to ski and make the most of the Alps. 

Safe, clean, spectacular mountains, chalet accommodation, European food, Swiss reliability, and great skiing!  

We’ve been running a ski school in Verbier for more than 15 years, so between us we know pretty much everything you would want to know about this amazing resort. From the basics, like travel directions and options, to the best places to stay, eat, drink and ski....  

Features for beginners

  • Flat beginners terrain with magic carpet and a nice progression to the button lift. You start on what in summer is a putting green on the Verbier golf course, very gentle. 
  • Great lift system and amazing views
  • Friendly resort with open and welcoming feel


Famous for its great views, dominated by the Matterhorn, and with the ability to ski from Switzerland to Italy, Zermatt is a charming and traditional resort where you will love the food and atmosphere! Close to France and Italy, and well located for Zurich or Geneva airport, its a great place to base yourself to ski and make the most of the Alps. 

We’ve been running a ski school in Zermatt for 15 years, so between us we know pretty much everything you would want to know about this amazing resort. From the basics, like travel directions and options, to the best places to stay, eat, drink and ski....  

Our team of experienced, qualified and professional instructors are from international backgrounds and all speak excellent English. 

Features for beginners

  • High, sheltered and very gentle beginners areas
  • Great lift system with connections to Italy
  • Renowned for its restaurants and long easy ski runs

About ES

For over 15 years, ES has been providing private and group ski lessons in the top resorts in Switzerland and the Alps. We employ the very best ski and snowboard instructors who will help you make the most of your time on the slopes.  

As well as being qualified, the instructors we employ are hand picked to represent the service levels we are proud to provide. All our instructors speak fluent English.  

Learn to Ski Q & A

Can you learn to ski in a week? Certainly! A week of lessons or a learn-to-ski course with ES is an excellent way to get started. By the end of the week, you will be away from the beginner area, trying out chairlifts and seeing the sights on your skis. Everyone learns differently and at varying speeds and generally people are amazed at how much they can progress in a week. 

Can you learn to ski without snow? Dry ski slopes are a great way to get started when there’s no snow around. If it’s a concern of not enough snow out in resort then why not try some guaranteed snow resorts which are high enough to maintain proper conditions and have artificial snowmaking facilities? Resorts like Zermatt have some of the highest slopes in Europe, meaning great conditions throughout the winter months –there’s even skiing in summer on the glacier!  

Can you learn to ski in 3 days? Three days’ worth of private lessons will certainly get you started and you will be able to see great progress. It’s long enough that you can start to work on your skills and, with your instructor's help, hone your muscle memory so that you can stand and glide on your skis with confidence. Depending on how you take to the sport, you can be up and out of the beginner area and exploring the mountain in no time.  

Can I learn to ski at 45? You can learn to ski at 85! So no doubt! Learning to ski isn’t just for kids. Plenty of people pick up the sport at all ages, and there’s no time limit on it. Here at ES, we have a variety of instructors who can adapt to how you like to learn and cater for anyone, however confident or nervous. We make sure you can learn at your pace in a way that suits you.  

Is it difficult to learn to ski? Learning anything new is all about breaking it down into achievable steps. As long as these steps aren’t skipped or rushed, skiing is possible for anyone. We all tend to come across learning plateaus, and Eureka moments throughout our skiing careers, it’s just important to recognise these moments for what they are.  

What do you need to go skiing for the first time? Have you ever heard of the term “all the gear, no idea”? There’s no need to buy before you ski for the first time. It’s most important to be comfortable and warm. Wear proper ski socks and gloves, snow-proof trousers and a jacket and some layers underneath so you can adjust your temperature. Good goggles or sunglasses and high factor sun cream are a must too. For a first timer, renting your ski or snowboard equipment is the best way to start. With our partner shops you will get good gear in good condition and then you can move onto more advanced equipment when you are ready.

How many ski lessons does a beginner need? If you already do other sports, you may be a natural! For some, the movements and balance needed for skiing may come quickly, in which case you may need a few introductory lessons to get started. For others, it may take a little longer. Either way, your first lesson will be spent getting used to the sensation of standing and sliding on your skis. Then you can begin to control your speed and direction.  

Can you learn to ski without lessons/ can you learn to ski on your own? Skiing is an extreme sport, so it’s best to start in the right area on the mountain and know a little about the equipment to make the best use of it. Although it’s possible to muddle through these first steps without an instructor, it’s certainly not easy. Without the right instruction, you can put your safety at risk and also damage your confidence. Bad habits picked up along the way can have a knock-on effect later on, and they can be challenging to unpick later in the process.  

Can anyone learn to ski? Of course! It doesn’t matter what age you are or what experience you have. Everyone can learn to ski. It may take longer for some than others, but with the right guidance, confident and fun skiing is achievable for anyone. We run many programmes that cater for all ages. We also teach sessions for adaptive skiers too, so even if you are recovering from injury, we have the right instructor and techniques for you when you get onto snow for the first time.  

Can you learn to ski on a dry slope? Dry slopes are a great way to try out the basics back home before booking a holiday on snow. The material you learn on, however, is a little different to snow. So although the technique is the same, it can be a change going from dry slope to snow. Luckily, it is easier to ski on snow, making it quite a smooth transition.  

Can you learn to ski while pregnant? We do not recommend it. But you can learn to ski while pregnant, yes. There are safety concerns associated with skiing while pregnant. Many ladies request a gentle, patient instructor to help them learn. Skiing doesn’t have to be fast or scary, and you can learn well within your comfort zone and enjoy the experience!  

Can you learn to ski at any age? Learning to ski is often a case of mind over matter. Anyone can learn, no matter their age. Here at ES, we teach little ones as soon as they can stand, all the way through to their grandparents who want to share a snow experience with their families. You are never too old to learn to ski.